Tooth Extraction

Causes of tooth extraction


Thanks to modern equipment and analgesic drugs tooth extraction procedure is painless, and visiting a dental clinic is held in a state of perfect comfort.

Tooth loss and the factors that cause it

  • Severe tooth decay or infection (acute or chronic alveolar abscess). Despite the reduction in worldwide prevalence of dental caries, still it is the most common reason for extraction of (non-third molar) teeth with up to two thirds of extractions.
  • Supernumerary teeth which are blocking other teeth from coming in.
  • Severe gum disease which may affect the supporting tissues and bone structures of teeth.
  • In preparation for orthodontic treatment (braces)
  • Teeth in the fracture line
  • Teeth which cannot be restored endodontically
  • Fractured teeth
  • Supenumerary, supplementary or malformed teeth
  • Prosthetics; teeth detrimental to the fit or appearance of dentures
  • Insufficient space for wisdom teeth (impacted third molars). Although many dentists remove asymptomatic impacted third molars
  • Cosmetic; teeth of poor appearance, unsuitable for restoration
  • Receiving radiation therapy to the head and neck area may require extraction of teeth in the field of radiation.
  • Deliberate, medically unnecessary, extraction as a form of physical torture.
  • It was once a common practice to remove the front teeth of institutionalized psychiatric patients who had a history of biting.
  • Reduced cost compared to other treatments


Extract teeth – it is not only excruciatingly painful, but also sad. After all, no matter how modern, universal and painless methods nor would prosthetics, his teeth still better. So, what are the causes of premature loss of teeth, according to dentists?



Most often, the teeth have to be removed as a result of periodontal disease, especially long-term untreated and developed into chronic. However, apart from these diseases, there is still a considerable number of causes of premature loss of teeth. We list the most basic:



Are most at risk of tooth loss in male smokers. In men, the statistics show, teeth fall out much more often than women. And if in the presence of periodontal disease, the people who fall under the criteria of “smoking” and “male”, are the first to turn to the dentist.



Second at risk are people who have periodontal disease superimposed on diabetes.




Neglect of preventive dental check-ups and non-compliance with oral hygiene are in third place. Dentists knowingly resemble that preventive examination in dentistry each of us must take place every six months. In some diseases, such as periodontal disease or during pregnancy is recommended to visit the dentist more often. As for hygiene practices, there everyone should understand how important it contain teeth clean to prevent dental caries, pulpitis and other diseases arising from it, which sooner or later will still lead to loss of teeth, prosthetics  And the cost of veneers procedures such notice, rather big.

Besides all this, the factors that increase the risk of tooth loss, also includes age, a certain type of front teeth and rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore it is very important to prescribe the effective and proper treatment, the time to evaluate all the risks, and to identify the presence of concomitant diseases in your body. And do not forget this, do not be afraid and do not be lazy to 2 times a year to cross the threshold of dentistry with the aim to pass a routine inspection.