Dental Calculus or tartar : Facts you need to know

When it comes to dental calculus imply two types of deposits, are recognized in dentistry – hard  and soft. Soft again can be divided into dental plaque and soft food derbies.

Plaques can accumulate on any solid surfaces in the oral cavity: the teeth and fillings for prostheses and even tartar /calculus . Plaques formed from the remnants of food and a variety of waste products of bacteria that breed on them.

Solid tartar or dental calculus representing mineralized sediments. If soft plaque not removed in time, it begins to soak calcareous salts, turning into tartar. Over it again deposited plaque, turning into a new layer of stone. In time it regularly increases, pushing the gums,bone loss , resulting in causing irritation, and then bleeding from gum.

In fact, due to many factors may form tartar . This excessive salivation, and the sudden change in the composition of saliva. Also, the appearance of a violation of deposits affects the metabolic processes in the body, constant smoking, gastrointestinal diseases, prolonged use of specific drugs and the most common reason – lack of attention and care of the oral cavity.

Symptoms of the disease is not difficult – you can determine whether deposits just in the mirror, carefully examining the teeth. In most cases, the stones to exhibit lower teeth inside. At the touch will be felt roughness.


In our time, tartar removal or Scaling can be carried out in two ways:

1> Hand scaling : 

carried out by special hooks or curved instruments. Given the pain and duration of today, this technique is rarely applied when the expedient selection of just such a procedure;

2> A mechanical method :

 in which exposure is carried out with ultrasound and apparatus Air flow. When the dentist clean the ultrasound, it uses the machine at the end of which the machine tool vibrate  at a high rate when exposed to water jets. Apparatus Air flow acts on stone pressurized aerosol jet. As  air and water sprays that not only effectively remove plaque, but also polish the enamel of healthy teeth.

In order not to think in the end how to remove tartar, should promptly engage in prevention. The best idea – regular and high-quality oral hygiene by both brushing and flossing. Also, dentists recommend eliminate smoking and go on a proper diet, rich in vitamins. You should definitely include in the diet of raw vegetables and fruits. It is they in the process of chewing effectively clean the teeth from plaque accumulating. It is important to keep your mouth healthy, prevent tooth decay and other diseases.

And most importantly – do not try to remove tartar at home – professional cleaning save you from problems, and pay a visit to the dentist twice a year is sufficient.


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