Cosmetic Dentistry

dental veneers in kolkata

Benefits of  Dental Veneers

Only two visits to the dentist: remove casts and paste veneers.
Absolutely painless! Requires only local anesthesia.
Do not change color over time, unlike composite restorations and fillings.

Veneers can be used for functional and cosmetic correction of the following conditions:

  • Stained or darkened teeth
  • Hypocalcification
  • Multiple diastemas
  • Peg laterals
  • Chipped teeth
  • Lingual positioned teeth
  • Malposed teeth not requiring orthodontics
diastema closer in kolkata

Diastema, THREE (gap between teeth)

Orthodontic treatment can give excellent results, but not every adult is ready a year or more to wear braces or orthodontic plate. Veneers – an ideal alternative to orthodontics. Diastema can be corrected in just 2 visits to the dentist.

Spots on teeth

Spots on teeth can be caused not only by caries. Quite a common cause – fluorosis, which develops during prolonged excess entering the body fluorine and its compounds. When enamel fluorosis appear white or yellow spots erosion. Another common cause of tooth staining, darkening their significant – effects of tetracycline. Even the most advanced teeth whitening system is not able to fix these problems. Veneers – the perfect solution in this situation.


Ugly old fillings

Even the most modern seals and restoration of composite materials eventually change color, become darker, because they absorb pigments from coffee, red wine, berries. Smoking is also not the best way affects the composite restorations. Particularly ugly look darkened seals on the front teeth. veneers quickly and painlessly solve this problem and your smile will be snowy years.