Crown & Bridge Work

The most common type of fixed prosthetics Рcrown and bridge Рcan be all-ceramic or metal-ceramic. This crown, consisting of a metal frame and applied  ceramics. It combines the strength and aesthetics of the metal ceramics. In our center for a frame used cobalt-chromium alloy, pure titanium or special dental alloys of precious metals, especially gold.
However, the best to date material for prosthetics is metal-free ceramics (porcelain). Porcelain does not cause allergic reactions, the effect of galvanism, in their physical properties (light refraction, hardness) is very close to the tooth enamel. Porcelain crowns are perfect aesthetics. For example, under fluorescent lighting look bluish metal-ceramic crowns, metal free and reflect light just like a natural tooth. But inferior in strength porcelain metal ceramics, and until recently feared dentists do ceramic crowns and bridges on the molars, is under severe strain.