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The main causes of malocclusion in children

Mouth breathing:  Unfortunately problems with adenoids, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, etc. far from rare. In the absence or prevented from normal nasal breathing child is forced to constantly breathe through the mouth, holding it open, which can not but affect the growth of the jaws, teeth and facial skeleton. Formed a narrow upper jaw and the so-called “Gothic sky.” In such cases, the joint treatment of the child’s dentist and ENT doctor. So simple chronic rhinitis may mischief where this was not expected.


Bad habits : such as thumb sucking, tongue. Even nail-biting, pencils, sucking a pacifier in an age when it is no longer needed, can lead, for example, the so-called open bite, when the teeth in the anterior will not link up properly or not at all meet.


Early removal of deciduous teeth:  This has already been described above, the more it makes no sense to stop. You can read in the article “What causes early removal of deciduous teeth.”


Supernumerary teeth:  Sometimes the child laid not only the position of the teeth, but also unnecessary, and accumulator. Such teeth are cut in the wrong places, which are reserved for this purpose, preventing normal eruption teeth package may have irregular shape and size than complicate the situation further. Treatment in this case, only one – the removal of all unnecessary, because it is not for emergency leave, and the harm from these teeth can be much more than good.


Multiple caries of deciduous teeth:  Violation form of decayed teeth and as a result, their early loss, of course, lead to malocclusion.


Shortened frenam leanth : In the mouth, a person has several bridles (strands), excessive development or underdevelopment which can lead to a variety of anomalies. Therefore, if the dentist sees the child’s tongue-tied, and encourages them to cut, you do not need to put forward arguments such as those that father and mother the same bridle, and they are still alive and relatively healthy. Parents bridle can lead to a consequences, and their children – absolutely others. Dentist know better. By the way, this kind of disease is treated with one of the very first. Trimmed bridle within the first year of life.


Violation of posture:  Strange but true. If your child is sitting at the table crooked, bent, stooping, resulting in scoliosis and other spinal curvature, it can affect his face. What’s even more surprising is the fact that too good posture can lead to the same results! Let me explain with an example. Who is not a ballerina, posture is the most beautiful, correct and stable before they go right always and everywhere, not just on stage ?! So, as a result of the constant tension of the muscles under the lower jaw with professional dancers (who are known to begin studying ballet from an early age) is very common stunted growth of the lower jaw, which leads to the so-called “distal occlusion”, micrognathia, and Pathology at called “bird’s face.” So the old truth that everything is good in moderation, and then is confirmed.



Heredity:  Heredity can influence at all on anything, face, teeth, and jaw completely are no exception. In history there are many examples of genetically transmitted characteristics of the structure of the jaws and facial skeleton. Often, the family label passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The width of the jaw can get from the Pope, and the width of the teeth of the mother. And if Dad small jaw, and my mother wide teeth (or vice versa) can get overcrowded teeth, palatal or buccal dentition and so on.



With any of these reasons can successfully fight it enough time to find and fix. Prevention is always much cheaper than treatment .Not feel free to spend time on their child.


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