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All you need to Know about Metal Ceramic Crown

Faced with the need to rebuild destroyed or lost teeth, we are faced with the choice of not only the methodology of prosthesis, but also material for the prosthesis. This may be metal, plastic, ceramics or a compound thereof. What kind of material is best? Let’s find out the pros and cons of the most popular denture-metal prostheses and gathering strength of ceramics.

Metal ceramic crowns are highly durable, worthy of aesthetic characteristics and affordable cost. They are based on a metal frame (cobalt or cobalt-nickel-chromium alloys) covered with a layer of ceramic. Permitted in the manufacture of metal-ceramic crowns and application of precious metals, but these prostheses will have less stiffness.

What is metal ceramic or cermet?


Ceramic plus metal = cermet / metal-ceramic . It’s really that simple!

Metal ceramic crowns and bridges made by the method of spraying or casting ceramic metal frame. Simply put, metal teeth – a metal base, follows the shape of the prepared tooth, covered with a thin layer of ceramic. Cermet tooth – a hypoallergenic biocompatible material, which in most cases, with a few exceptions, such as allergies, is not rejected by the human body. Cermet used in dentistry mainly for prosthetic posterior teeth where aesthetics is important not so much as function.

Metal Ceramics crown in sodepur -Agarpara

Posterior metal ceramic crowns , as mentioned above, the most characteristic of chewing, as essential strength is not so important and appearance. However, this does not mean that the metal-ceramic crowns  or bridges are not aesthetically pleasing. Metal-ceramic crowns are well mimic the structure and shades of natural tooth structure. However, in the case of incisors, enamel whose transparency is greater than that of chewing, the metal frame can shine through the ceramic spraying. Therefore prosthetic zone smile normally used in one-piece ceramic or ceramic some situations to the chassis of an oxide or dioxide, and zirconium.

Colour macing of the Metal ceramic Crown /Bridge \


Ceramics are used for the manufacture of metal-ceramic crowns, to simulate the color and texture of natural tooth enamel, making the prosthetic tooth is most similar to the neighboring, native patient’s teeth. Metal ceramic Crown selected color scale Vita, it does not tarnish and does not change with time, since, unlike the natural tooth enamel and composite materials, ceramics do not absorb coloring matter of food and drink, so whitening Metal ceramic Crown is not required. If you feel that you have installed in the mouth cermets it is time to bleach, most likely you will want to visit the hygienist to remove colored plaque.

Pros and cons of metal ceramic

Modern materials manufacturing metal-ceramic crowns do not contain any toxins. However, it is worth remembering that different types of metal-ceramic may have a different behavior in the mouth. Thus, in the case of nickel-chrome alloy crowns in the frame distributed nickel allergy and some noble metals may be oxidized with time under the effect of saliva. Among the advantages of the cermet can be called high strength and long service life, and the disadvantages cermet – is the ability to expose the metal frame when lowering the gums.


1. The strength of the metal-ceramic crowns :

Currently, metal ceramic crowns both single and bridges in most cases are used on teeth with significant occlusal load. Although until recently they were the clear leader, regardless of what kinds of dental prosthetics used.

Ceramic crowns, on the contrary, for a long time were not popular because of the increased fragility of construction and therefore only used for prosthetic anterior teeth. However, with the advent of carcasses of zirconia alumina or silica, more dentists and patients give preference to these modern materials for prosthetics as chewing, and in some cases of anterior teeth.

2. The service life /lasting of metal ceramic crowns :

Metal ceramic crowns is pretty long lasting. The average metal dental prosthesis can last 10 – 12 years if the frame is made of an alloy of base metals. However, it should be kept in mind that the prosthesis should be made strictly on individual casts, and the patient should comply with all recommendations for care.

3.The cost of a crown :

metal ceramic crowns cost is mush less than the ceramic and Zarconia crown . It depends upon the material/s used, the location in the jaw (e.g. anterior or posterior tooth) and the extent of the procedure.



1.The need for a large amount of grinding of tooth structure –
this need is determined by the minimum wall thickness of metal-ceramic crowns. Sanding is usually carried to a depth of 1.5-2 mm on all sides of the tooth.

2. Aesthetic is moderate not always recommended for anterior tooth crown.

Why am I having chips on ceramics?

Before you put the metal-ceramic crowns , dentist assesses the state of the patient’s mouth, determines the approximate life of the prosthesis. Most of the chips on the ceramic tiles on the hills there molars or in the vestibular surfaces of the jaws crowns (front side). Chips can be produced for different reasons. Because of the increased pressure on the teeth (bruxism at) or incompatibility ceramic and alloy used. Errors during the manufacturing crowns too often reduces the lifetime of the prosthesis. Pottery little resistance to stress and overheating, so if the patient does not comply with the rules of operation of metal-ceramic prostheses, their damage is inevitable. Smile Line –  dental clinic at Agarpara, crowns using modern materials great quality, meeting the highest requirements. We will help you create the ultimate in aesthetics of your smile.


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