Dentures are artificial structures that are intended to replace missing teeth. Modern technologies allow to achieve such aesthetics as real teeth.

Why do I denture ?

  • In the absence of teeth is impossible to fully chew food, and this increased risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Besides, do not have to eat what you want and what you can;
  • When the loss of one or more teeth, the remaining exposed high load. The consequence of this is wear and chipped enamel, tooth mobility appearance. With the loss of chewing particularly vulnerable front teeth.
  • The prolonged absence of teeth leads to atrophic changes in the upper and lower jaws, changing a person’s appearance is not for the better.
  • Even in the absence of 2-3 posterior teeth can develop dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, which brings troubles such as pain, clicking, discomfort in the joint. Such dysfunction is difficult to treat.
  • Missing teeth – a serious cosmetic defect. Anyone who thinks that the teeth are “hidden” in the mouth and no visible mistaken. Missing teeth, unhealthy teeth spoil the appearance.

There are two main groups of prostheses according to type :

  • Removable
  • Fixed

There are also two main groups of prostheses according to span :

  • Complete Denture ( replacing all teeth)
  • Partial Denture ( replacing some of teeth)

Detachable prosthesis represent a design that can be removed from the oral cavity (eg for cleaning or sleeping). This type includes:

  • Full (more about them here ) and partial removable ( learn more ) acrylic.
  • Flexible nylon (full or partial) . Their advantages read on this page .

And also conditionally removable:

  • Clasp to clasp and attachments . Learn more .

Fixed prosthesis are artificial constructs that are worn on the teeth constantly. These include:

  • Single crowns ( metal crown, metal ceramic crown or full ceramic crown etc.).
  • Bridges .
  • Intra / Extra coronal restoration (inlays, onlays, veneers).

If you do not know what kind of design is right for you – we invite you to consultation , on which he will offer you options and considers the exact cost. To do this, call and sign up. Addresses and phone numbers can be found on this page . In our clinics, we offer quality dentures at low prices.