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Treat a tooth or remove the tooth – THE Main dilemma

Quite often in our Smile line dental clinic patients treated with the request, more like a requirement that the removal of the tooth. On examination, it often turns out that it can be cured, and the quality guaranteed. The vast majority of hard-core fans of “untreated” – young people 18 to 30 years. At this age rarely think about the consequences and are more concerned with short-term savings in time and money.

Naturally, the treatment of advanced tooth that bothers not the first day, is worth several times more expensive than removal, and is likely to require a single, and 2-3 visits to the dentist. But compared with the forthcoming sooner or later prosthesis or implantation of teeth treatment is much cheaper.

What is toothache known to almost everyone.This is perhaps the only pain caused untold suffering to which it is impossible to get used to. And when it hurts is not the first day – the idea of ​​removing the tooth particularly true! And we think to fix the problem (by extraction ) overnight (or even “half an hour”), and spend less time and money to saving the tooth . But we ignore the cost of the prosthesis and impact of the tooth lose. The process of prosthetics will cost us more treatment of the native tooth.

Solution – remove a tooth or not – can be understood only in a particular situation. There is no single recipe, because there are situations frontier in which the decision to keep the tooth would be, but risky. Modern technologies allow to reduce this risk to a minimum.

Many people think that removing the bad tooth now they are thus solve the problem of visits to the dentist for a long time. I am sorry to upset you – even the lack of a single tooth in the lower jaw may deform the rest of the dentition, as chewing load is not evenly distributed starts. Two adjacent tooth necessarily tilt. In addition, the upper tooth crawl down, trying to fill the space.

When tooth loss reduces the quality of food processing in the oral cavity leading at least to diseases of the stomach. In addition, when you remove the front teeth worsens a person’s appearance, causing the pronunciation of sounds that is often the cause of severe stress.

However, in some cases, have to abandon the conservative treatment of the tooth, and the decision about the removal of the tooth.

wishdom tooth removal

When all the same tooth extraction necessary?

Removing teeth is made only in cases where the aching tooth has become a focus of infection, and we have the following indications:

  1. Are absolute indications for tooth extraction when there is increase in symptoms of inflammation in periodontal and bone.
  2. Acute purulent odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaws. In this case, surgery to remove the tooth should be treated as urgent. Removal of the “cause” of the tooth creates conditions to eliminate the source of microorganisms and their toxins and products of tissue decay, thereby limiting the infectious process and the attenuation of acute inflammation.
  3. In the presence of a pathological process located around the wrong allying  tooth (usually a wisdom tooth in the lower jaw).
  4. Significantly advanced from the caries / decay  exposing the roots of teeth, when they interfere with the prosthetics, chewing and injure the soft tissues.
  5. Atypical location and supernumerary teeth, which are not subject to orthodontic treatment with the cosmetic factor and when they injure the mucous membrane of the mouth.
  6. Tooth with extensive destruction of the root and the inability to use it as a support for the prosthesis, because it can be viewed as a chronic source of infection.
  7. Teeth that are in the area of ​​the fracture of the jaw or alveolar process is the conductor of the infection.
    With the aim of orthodontic removed permanent fourth teeth, preventing the movement of anterior teeth and broken teeth sixth to seventh proper eruption of teeth.

Remember that many of the disease is easier to prevent than to cure them. Do not tighten the treatment of disease and refer to specialists in a timely manner.


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