Professional Oral Hygiene Care & Prevention

Why should regularly produce professional oral hygiene (Also Known as Scaling)?

Professional oral hygiene maintenance (Also Known as Scaling) is one of the most important steps as preventing major dental diseases, and diseases of the body as a whole. Promote the development of dental plaque of gingivitis, periodontitis and dental caries as pathological microflora colonies that form the basis of plaque, leading to destruction of hard dental tissues surrounding soft tissue and bony structures.

Acquired plaque divided into two groups:

Mineralized dental plaque:
– supragingival tartar;
– subgingival tartar.
2. Unmineralized plaque:
– dental plaque;
– soft plaque;
– food scraps.

Dental deposits begin to form on the tooth surface after attachment to the surface of microorganisms. Especially superior fixing microorganisms promotes surface roughness of the tooth.

The process of formation of dental plaque looks like this:

Fixation of microorganisms on the surface of the tooth

formation of dental plaque

coalescence of individual plaques to form a soft plaque

gradual mineralization of soft plaque

education supragingival tartar

gradual germination supragingival tartar under the gum to the tooth root

destruction of periodontal

formation of subgingival plaque

fixing the microorganisms on the surface of tartar

Thus, non-mineralized dental plaque and saliva are not washed after rinsing the mouth completely. They removed a toothbrush with careful machining. Mechanical removal provides anticaries and anti-inflammatory action.

Long proved that the smooth surface of teeth plaque is formed.

One of the main and most common oral hygiene are toothpastes. They are divided into hygienic and prophylactic.

Hygienic toothpaste designed for mechanical tooth cleaning of plaque and deodorize the mouth. Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes – with a more complex structure and complex action aimed at preventing multiple simultaneous pathologies. They promote the most effective removal of plaque and slow down its formation.

Mineralized dental plaque – supragingival and subgingival calculus can not be removed or cleaned at home, so it is necessary to conduct professional oral hygiene at least 1 time per year to prevent mineralization of soft plaque.

Really good hygiene, regular professional cleaning allow you to have a healthy, whiter, radiant smile as many years as you want.

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