Dental X-Rays

Why dental X Ray needed in dental treatment ?

Diagnosis – is the foundation of treatment prognosis! The role of correct diagnosis in dentistry is difficult to overestimate. The accuracy and completeness of diagnostic patterns of disease are fully dependent on the success of treatment and opportunity to save the patient from unnecessary inconvenience accompanying the process of dental treatment.


X ray of teeth – the main method of diagnosis  because of its efficiency and accuracy of the most frequently used in dentistry. It allows you to diagnose those diseases which can not be determined on a regular visual inspection. For example, a cyst or a tooth hidden channels can only be detected by X-ray. In addition, the presence of a picture can significantly improve the quality of root canal treatment, Impacted Teeth and caries detection, faulty restoration detection or even it is used for orthodontic treatment to get the accurate anatomical position of several important landmarks which guide the whole treatment procedure.

In our clinic, we have  modern X-ray Unit .Our doctors can instantly get an accurate diagnosis by viewing the dental X-Ray if needed.


Patients are advice to bring any previous x-ray with them for better understanding of previous condition / treatment done in the past.


How does X- Ray work?


Since the information on our website is provided mainly in simplified, understandable to ordinary people form describes the operating principle of x ray-unit will also simplified for ease of understanding.


X-ray machine sends a directed beam X-rays that pass through the hard and soft tissues of the body lose their strength depending on the density of the tissue. Immediately behind the object is diagnosed film (or X ray -sensitive sensor), which are fixed beams. The result is a picture in which, depending on the amply evident object of study. Exposure time (the time that the device sends RG-radiation) is measured in tens of a second for film and hundreds of a second for the X-ray -sensor.