Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics or Installation of brackets. Orthodontic treatment – a special branch of modern dentistry that specializes in the alignment of teeth and jaws. In the Russian translation of the word “orthodontics” literally oznachat “straight teeth.” However, efficient and really effective orthodontics can only be under the supervision of highly qualified specialists – orthodontists.
Huge numbers of people in need of the course of treatment from an orthodontist, but I did not think about it. But in fact, orthodontics is not easy, and undoubtedly an important branch of dentistry. It deals with problems of occlusion and teeth straightening, as well as preventing the development of these disorders.
Straight teeth and a beautiful, flawless smile – is faithful companions successful person, likable people at a glance.
But even if we look a little mean to you, it is worth remembering that an overbite – not only a cosmetic defect. The unusual location of the teeth leads to their abrasion during chewing, and remove plaque and food debris that accumulate in the crevices between teeth crooked, is not possible with an ordinary toothbrush. Therefore, potential patients orthodontist much more likely to suffer from dental caries, pulpitis and tartar than happy owners straight teeth.

Beautiful smile – it’s not just the visual appeal and confidence. It is also healthy teeth, correct bite and lack of difficulty in speaking, chewing and breathing process. Orthodontics in Agarpara , Sodepur area engaged in correcting the bite and, indirectly, related treatment of oral diseases.
If you want to have your child be healthy, strong and beautiful teeth, orthodontist recommend his show at the age of three to five years, when it is possible to prevent the appearance of defects, the development of which the parent discreetly eye. In six years, the child is required to show an orthodontist in this age erupt top teeth – the sixth – the basis of occlusion. The optimum age for treatment of malocclusion – 6-8 years or 12-14 years. But this conditional framework – modern technology allows to correct bite and align the dentition at any age!
In Orthodontic treatment doctor may:

  • Create conditions for the development of healthy and beautiful teeth in children.
  • Create a beautiful smile of ugly or not very beautiful at any age.
  • Improving bite, prevent abrasion of teeth, and periodontal disease.
  • Prepare to rational removable prosthetics.
  • Propose alternative solutions to the problem orthodontic corrective bite.
  • Do not do any of the above, if the position of the teeth does not prevent the patient’s health, or he has other plans and priorities in the near future.


Teeth alignment is performed using orthodontic appliances. They all fall into two categories: removable and fixed. Removable appliances patient puts himself and wears the appropriate number of hours per day.
Fixed orthodontic appliances – these are different types of braces. Bracket system is a set of a plurality of plates glued to the teeth with grooves into which is inserted a metal arc. Arc given a harmonious part of the tooth row shape, and after the imposition of the arc on the teeth, she begins to seek this harmonious form, pulling for a teeth. Such removable orthodontic device allows not only create perfect dentition, but also to improve the facial features.