Periodontal Disease

What is periodontitis?

Periodontium – a complex of tissues surrounding and holding the tooth in the jaw consist of gum ( gingiva ), bone, periodontal ligament. Inflammation of the periodontium is called periodontitis.


The main cause of inflammatory periodontal disease is microbial plaque. Today clearly proved and interdependence between periodontal status and the level of individual oral hygiene. Periodontal tissue destruction starts with the formation of dental plaque and soft dental plaque accumulation. As their qualitative and quantitative increase, accompanied by mineralization, the process of destruction of the whole complex periodontal. Soft plaque, accumulating, especially in the cervical area and interdental spaces, makes teeth yellow, appears halitosis.


The earliest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis – inflammation of the gums . The disease is characterized by bleeding, pain, swelling and redness of the gums, bad breath.


This is a more severe stage of periodontal disease with involvement in the inflammatory process, except gum more bone and ligaments of the tooth. In the absence of proper treatment occurs decline and destruction of bone and ligaments supporting the teeth. This leads to expose the roots, loosening of the teeth and their further loss.

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Prevention of periodontal disease:


In the treatment of any disease of the gums and this group is the primary means of combating oral hygiene . This is important and an essential condition. But in order to avoid severe consequences in case of inflammation of the gums need to see a specialist – doctor periodontist.

Treatment of periodontal disease:


Periodontal Treatment in  Agarpara, Sodepur area : periodontal disease  requiring the patient understand the need to regularly implement all the recommendations of the dentist. Periodontal disease – a chronic disease characterized by periods of remission and relapse. Gum treatment by a dentist may halt the progression of the disease, prevent or minimize the exacerbation.

Effect of periodontal treatment depends on the stage of the disease at which the patient went to a dentist, the earlier treatment is started the better the results. Alas, a complete cure is not possible, if the teeth are already swaying and barely hanging in periodontal tissues, but even late initiation of treatment helps prolong the life of your teeth.

As in our clinic treat periodontal disease?


Gum Treatment begins with a survey. On the basis of physical examination and diagnostic xray dentist  assesses the state of mouth, bite, presence and depth of pathological periodontal pockets, the bone tissue surrounding the teeth, the presence and degree of tooth mobility. Based on all these data, a dentist phased plan of treatment.  Typically, only a holistic approach can bring good results.


The first thing to do is to save the patient from dental plaque. To do this, the doctor has ultrasound machines with different attachments, special hand tools to remove tartar. Subgingival stone in deep periodontal pockets removed with a machine.


In our clinic performs various operations aimed at restoring damaged periodontal bone around the teeth, improve the periodontal tissues, aesthetic surgery – restoring natural contour of the gums, which at the current long-term periodontitis deformed neck and exposing the roots of teeth.