Understanding the concept and need of “Professional teeth cleaning”

To understand the concept of “professional teeth cleaning” and, most importantly, of the need to Why quite often dentists before beginning any treatments offer to make your teeth professionally cleaned? Should it? Let’s face it.

Human oral originally arranged in such a way that it can self-clean. Our ancestors – Neanderthals – ate tough meat, fiber food that is not enough that enveloped teeth and clean off all the plaque. In our time we are used to process food in many different ways: to twist meat stuffing, make fruit juice and crush nuts into crumbs, thereby facilitating its consumption. However, no one thinks that the load on the teeth is now lowed to a great extent, and hence of self-cleaning is not sufficient. On the contrary – soft foods guaranteed to remain in your teeth, being a great place for microbial growth, as long as you do it carefully there is not scrub.

Inevitably, over time because of careless scrubbing food debris and plaque from dental plaque begins to form, which creates a terrible microflora is diverse. Microflora, that is bacteria living under a calculus or more commonly stones in the oral cavity. Immediately next to it, the rests of food start dumping, and the process is on the roll with renewed plaque and calculus formation. Because the bacteria live and eat, releasing the toxins and acid that destroy everything around (Bone and Tooth, Gingiva ), causing bad breath and contribute to the development of various diseases, much more serious. Sometimes people do not even know how everything is bad: all the teeth are sharp and smooth look. However, the owner does not care what a seemingly safely in his mouth there is a whole layer of tartar.

Here comes to the aid of professional cleaning or Scaling & Root planing.

Dental check-up in every 6 months is a effective method of prevention of periodontitis and other gum diseases. This is absolutely comfortable, quick-visible effects of the procedure. It is needed by all people over 20 years.

For any treatment plan scaling – is the first step. It is impossible to make quality restoration with inflamed gums.

The essence of the scaling: gently and thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth not only on supragingival, but subgingival deposits. Dental plaque is removed layer by layer. They are crushed into tiny particles that are washed spray of water and air.Further it remove plaque from tobacco, coffee and tea.

And finally, the last stage – covering the teeth with a protective layer. To prevent tooth decay and to reduce tooth sensitivity using drugs containing fluorine.

Only an hour, and your teeth will be clean and free of tartar and trust micro-flora. We must not forget that any dental manipulation with your teeth and gums professional cleaning is a must. Let’s look at examples of when and why you need to use a professional dental cleaning.


1) Set the crown. For this special way to grind the tooth, then the master does with his cast.  Naturally, the mold is made with an error at the root of the tooth, and this leads to not accurately made crown (literally accuracy of a few microns – and now this is a real microcracks ). As a result, 1.5-2 years foundation of the tooth, which was planted crown rots from toxic metabolic products of bacteria, and the tooth will mobile.

2) Installation of the implant – a surgical operation. Before installing it is necessary not only full professional cleaning, but a complete dental health. Simply put, it is necessary to cure all teeth standing next to no infection was not hit, because the implant can not settle down or start a strong inflammation. In addition, people with implants should be more carefully monitored for oral hygiene. It is made of metal, and it is not a gum will grow by definition, as in the case of biological tooth root, and microbes and foods tend to get between it and the gum. Therefore, every six months – a year the owner of the implant must do a professional cleaning. Otherwise, what? That’s right – the implant will fall out, and this colossal waste of time and money.

3) Next, the list – notorious caries, which is located between the teeth. And if not cleaned teeth, stones prevent seals tight fit to the root of the tooth. The result is an overhanging edge seals. As a consequence – is secondary caries. That is, in this place gets the food that can not be removed from there, and therefore develop bacteria. Of course, a perfect seal must be ideally suited to the tooth,. The contact between the teeth to be restored.

4) Installation of brackets – quite an expensive procedure. Naturally, when you install appear spaces between teeth and iron structure, which is also difficult to clean yourself. Pre-cleaning is required in this case. Later cleaning is necessary to clean up the food from the iron fasteners. It is worth to know that in any case can not let it take its course, because it will be difficult to treat and then all the teeth from caries. And you just want something yourself straight teeth … And even if your teeth, God forbid, it’s okay, professional teeth cleaning every six months (at the very least – once a year) will help prevent the development of many diseases.Cleanliness, as you know – the guarantee of health. And cheaper to prevent disease than to treat it .

So, dear friends, prevents the appearance of various dental sores, because healthy smile and fresh breath – one of the main components of the image of a successful and handsome man. And if you still have doubts about whether to give due consideration to professional teeth cleaning, read this article.


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