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How often do you need to brush your teeth?

Even the most revolutionary and effective toothbrush toothpaste will be useless if to brush their teeth properly.Proper cleaning of the teeth, meanwhile, will not only make snow-white smile, but also get rid of the risk of such unpleasant diseases such as caries or periodontal disease.

How often do you need to brush your teeth?

Professional dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, with a focus on brushing your teeth before going to bed, but not in the morning . Brush your teeth before going to bed is absolutely necessary to prevent the occurrence of dental caries: after consumption of food during the day on the teeth remain unharvested raid that night will be promoted rapid growth of bacteria, and this, in turn, is fraught with the development of gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing the teeth is necessary for at least two minutes, with each of the portions 30 seconds: the lower row of teeth on the right and the left, upper row of teeth left and right.


How to brush your teeth ?

tooth brush techinque agarpara dental clinic


For effective cleaning of the teeth is necessary to use not only the toothbrush and dental floss. If toothbrush help remove plaque from the problem areas where most tartar formed, for example, on the inner side of the lower teeth, the dental floss will thoroughly clean spaces between teeth. Doctors recommend a toothbrush every three months.


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Proper cleaning of the teeth…

Doctors regularly draw our attention to the fact that most people brushing his teeth properly. This seemingly minor detail like the wrong direction of movement of the brush, in fact, can lead to extremely negative consequences. For example, the usual horizontal movement of a toothbrush in his mouth does not actually clean out a tenth of all impurities, and strong pressure on the brush is not only not useful, but even harmful to the teeth, damaging the enamel. At the same time, circular motion toothbrush harm the gums and how to “sweep out” the remaining teeth on the tiny food particles under the gum, causing subsequent inflammation. That is why it is so important right moves when brushing your teeth.

Must begin brushing teeth with the outer surface of the teeth. To do this, place the toothbrush at a slight angle to the gum line (most dentists recommend to stick to the angle of 45 degrees) and make some neat, short vertical movements. Scraping the surface of the upper row of teeth. Movement is necessary to make “top-down”, but not vice versa. Purifying lower teeth, on the contrary, should be moved upwards toothbrush. Chewing surfaces of teeth – brushing usual horizontal movements.

The final stage of cleaning teeth – a gentle massage gums: when the mouth is closed toothbrush is necessary to make a few circular motions, grasping teeth and gums. Special scraper or conventional toothbrush is necessary to clean language. After brushing should be thoroughly rinse the mouth with water, and then use dental floss to remove any residual soft plaque from the interdental spaces.

Determine whether well cleaned teeth, very simply at home – just hold his tongue over the surface of the teeth. Smoothness indicates that the teeth remained plaque and roughness – a sign that the tooth surface remains contaminated.


Selection of toothbrush

Since toothbrush – the main tool for maintaining oral hygiene, while choosing it must be approached very carefully. It is believed that the length of the toothbrush head cleaning should not exceed 25-30 mm, since it is much easier using the most difficult to clean the surface of teeth. Holders of healthy teeth and gums need to choose a brush with bristles of medium hardness and with the inflammation of the gums, dentists recommend a soft bristle brush.

In today’s popular electric toothbrushes, of course, there are a number of advantages over conventional brushes. But do not forget that the cleaning head of an electric toothbrush makes only a circular motion, and thus drives the plaque under the gum.


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